DOCTOR DRE: Lost Eyesight from Battling Diabetes

Former Yo! MTV Raps host Doctor Dre, has been dealing with some health issues.

The hip-hop pioneer has been battling type 2 diabetes for a while. The disease has taken a toe from him, and now, he’s reportedly lost his eyesight.

To be clear, we’re talking about the Dr. Dre, from Long Island, New York — not the West Coast producer and former N.W.A rapper. (ABC-TV)

Hot Takes:

  • He’s still the man.
  • Salute to one of the OGs who opened a lot of doors for the rest of us.
  • We need to do more to support the legends — or at least give them their flowers while they’re here.
  • Let this be a lesson to the rest of us — do what you can to eat right and stay healthy before there’s an issue.