CHICAGO TEACHER STRIKE: New Contract Agreement Reached, but Strike Continues

The Chicago Teachers Union reached an agreement with the city on a new contract overnight, but the two sides are still at odds over one issue so teachers will again be on the picket line and not in classrooms today.

Teachers have been off the job for 10 days. The last remaining sticking point concerns make-up days. The union wants the city to add 10 days to the school calendar to make up for the days missed because of the strike, but the mayor said it will be impossible to add instructional days.

Teachers are not paid for days lost because of a strike. (ABC News)

Hot Takes:

  • Illinois state law says that after nine days of a strike, students are required to make up the days.
  • More than 360,000 kids have been out of school.
  • This is way too long for kids to be out of school.