RAY J: Successful with his Scoot-E-Bikes Business

Ray J is winning with his new Scoot-E-Bikes business.

The Source reports that Ray’s company is on pace to bring in over $200 million next year. A lot of that money comes from lucrative partnerships, like the one Raytroniks made with Canadian ride-sharing company LOOPShare.

In the most recent episode of The Vince Staples ShowVince holes up in Ray’s mansion after getting caught cheating on his girl. The exaggerated version of Ray J offers up some questionable advice. “You start a business, you so busy you have no time to cheat. Last time I did that, I created the Scoot-E-Bikes. I got so rich I bought her a helicopter.”

Hot Takes:

  • There are a million of these things in cities big and small these days. What’s so special about Ray J’s approach?
  • He’s securing the scooter bag.
  • Scoot-E-Bikes won’t hit the streets until next year.
  • Scoot-E-Bikes reportedly has potential to gross over $2 billion in the next two years.