T-PAIN: Visit to Elon

T-Pain had an interesting time in Elon, North Carolina this weekend.

He was booked to perform at Elon University’s Schar Center on Saturday night. After the show, T-Pain tried to roll up to local watering hole MaGerk’s Pub. But he didn’t seem to enjoy his time too much there, because of entitled students that kept bothering him. He says the town’s wealth is a problem, because the bars turn into a “full-on ‘do you know who my dad is’ party.”

After getting home, T-Pain logged onto Twitch to live-stream. He joked how no one has ever heard of the town, which is around 40 minutes outside of Greensboro. He also did an impression of Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer, talking about how it was 41 degrees at the outdoor bar, and someone needs to “shut it down!” He also had complaints about the hotel’s crappy WiFi. (Elon News Network)

Hot Takes:

  • Apparently a server warned him not to shake hands with students because of a recent case of the mumps that impacted at least 75 students.
  • There were reports that the show was only two-thirds full, with the entire lower bowl area empty. But according to T-Pain, the fire marshal capped capacity and he already got paid for a full-capacity show.
  • It’s not surprising that people are calling him out for not selling tickets and canceling his most recent tour. But you’ve gotta wonder why he even bothers to respond.
  • Apparently empty venues won’t be a problem in 2020. T-Pain says he already has three arena tours booked for next year.
  • He says his comments were twisted, because regular viewers of his stream would know he’s bored anytime he goes somewhere that isn’t his house.