WHISTLEBLOWER: Answer Questions about Donald Trump to Republicans

An attorney representing the whistleblower who reported concerns about Donald Trump‘s phone call with Ukraine says his client is willing to answer questions from Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, without going through the committee’s Democrats.

Lawyer Mark Zaid contacted the committee’s Devin Nunes over the weekend to say his client is up for answering questions from Republicans, under oath and with penalty or perjury, if Republicans submit those questions to the legal team representing the whistleblower. Under the proposal, the inspector general could verify the whistleblower’s identify, but allow him to remain anonymous.

Nunes didn’t initially respond to the proposition. Zaid says the whistleblower wants to do this to ensure his concern is addressed in a non-partisan manner. (CBS News)

Hot Takes:

  • It’ll be interesting to see how the Republicans respond to this.
  • They could push for a live appearance, which may not ever happen.
  • This seem like a logical way to address the concerns of Republicans.