21 SAVAGE: Still Fighting an Immigration Case

21 Savage is having a hard time earning money with the regulations ICE has placed on him.

You remember earlier this year when he was arrested in Atlanta and taken into custody after entering the country legally but letting his his visa lapse years ago. Even though he’s no longer locked up, he’s far from a free man. TMZ reports that Savage wasn’t able to get a work permit for eight months. Now he’s obtained a permit and is at least allowed to work in the U.S. — but still can’t leave the country to tour or do anything else until the immigration case is settled.

Even worse, the rapper can’t get a court date due to the enormous backlog of cases in the system. There’s a waiting list that’s at least a couple years long, with some court dates scheduled as far out as 2022.

Hot Takes:

  • 21 surprised fans at ComplexCon in Long Beach this past weekend when he popped up as a surprise performer.
  • It could be worse. At least he’s allowed to work in the U.S. for now. It’s better than being stuck at house arrest or in a detention center unable to work at all.
  • Free 21!
  • And just think, he’s someone relatively rich and powerful compared to many folks fighting immigration cases. If he can’t do it, who can?