GUCCI MANE: Upset About Someone F with His Ferrari

Gucci Mane isn’t too happy with the folks who effed up his Ferrari.

The Atlanta rapper was hosting at Miami nightclub Mr. Jones when his red whip was towed by Beach Towing. The towing company, which has a reputation for moving cars for questionable reasons and then charging owners big bucks to get them back, apparently damaged Gucci’s whip, and now he’s ready to whip somebody’s butt.

Gucci filmed a video questioning the valet at the venue how they let this happen, and claims security had told him to park in the location where his car was towed from. He wants to be reimbursed for $300 for the tow plus what he estimates as $20,000 to 30,000 worth of damage.

Hot Takes:

  • I’d be mad too. Sounds like he did exactly as he was told and still paid the price for it.
  • It’s funny to imagine a valet running into the club trying to get Gucci’s attention on stage or in the booth so he could run out before his car gets towed.
  • Maybe Gucci needs to get a vanity plate so people know who they’re messing with. How about Gucci1017?
  • An 812 Superfast Ferrari like Gucci has starts at around $363,000 — and that’s before you add bells and whistles.