MEG RYAN: John Didn’t Want To Say “I Do”

If Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp looked like celebrity-land’s happiest unmarried couple, the non-committal arrangement finally took its toll.

A source close to the pair, who’ve been on and off for nearly a decade, tells People magazine that the rocker’s insistence on not saying “I do” was the deal-breaker. The snitch says, “He didn’t want to get married again. He loves her, but marriage never seemed to be a part of it. It’s unclear how important a marriage was to Meg. But they spent a lot of time together and it’s too bad they split. They really got along so well together.”

The pair started dating in 2011, and kept the embers stoked despite Ryan living in New York City with her daughter Daisy and Mellencamp remaining in his home state of Indiana.

Hot Takes:

  • “The fourth time’s the charm” might not have the same ring to thrice-married Mellencamp.
  • Maybe if Meg had learned to live as a Hoosier.
  • They’ve split a few times before. Let’s start booking reunion date bets.