SYNAGOGUE ATTACK: FBI says “They had a Thwarted a planned bomb”

FBI officials said Monday that they had thwarted a planned bombing at a Colorado synagogue and have arrested the 27-year-old suspected white supremacist allegedly behind the plot.

The suspect was identified as Richard Holzer. His alleged target was Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, which happens to be the state’s second-oldest synagogue. He faces charges of attempting to obstruct religious exercises by force using explosive and fire.

Holzer allegedly had other plans aside from the bombing, telling an undercover FBI agents that he planned to poison members of the synagogue by putting arsenic in the water. He claimed that he’d paid a “Mexican cook to hex and poison” members of the temple. (ABC News)

Hot Takes:

  • Kudos to the FBI for tracking this guy down before he could kill.
  • An undercover agent made contact with Holzer via Facebook, claiming she was a supporter of white supremacy.
  • Holzer allegedly posted in a group chat: “I wish the holocaust really did happen…they need to die.”