DONALD TRUMP: Threaten to Pull Funds For California Fires

Donald Trump on Sunday once again threatened to yank federal aid from California, which has been battling a series of fires. Trump’s threat prompted a response from California Gavin Newsom, who mocked Trump for not believing in climate change.

Trump tweeted on Sunday morning, “The Governor of California, @GavinNewsom, has done a terrible job of forest management. I told him from the first day we met that he must ‘clean’ his forest floors regardless of what his bosses, the environmentalists, DEMAND of him…Every year, as the fire’s rage & California burns, it is the same thing and then he comes to the Federal Government for $$$ help. No more.”

None of the recent fires in California were in forests, so it’s no clear exactly what Trump was referring to.

Still, Newsom shot back at Trump, “You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused from this conversation.” (NBC News)

Hot Takes:

  • As the fires raged, Newsom was heard thanking the Trump administration for support in a televised interview.
  • Trump should get his facts straight before he goes on the attack.
  • Maybe they could put their heads together and come up with a solution, instead of arguing on Twitter like children.