DRAKE: Spending Romantic Time with Kylie Jenner

Drake is hooking up with Kylie Jenner.

Multiple sources alerted People magazine to the budding romance. One of them said that Drake and Kylie have been friends for years but recently caught feelings. (quote) “He and Kylie have been spending time together romantically.”

There’s an 11 year age difference, but they bonded over the fact that each has a toddler.

Kylie flirted with the rapper two weeks ago at his 33rd birthday party. An eyewitness said, (quote) “They seemed to be enjoy each other’s company. There was an attraction there. She paid Drake an inordinate amount of attention.” (Us Weekly)

Hot Takes:

  • So Kylie has a type: Rappers, older ones. She’s gone from Tyga to Travis Scott to Drake.
  • They make one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples.
  • Drake and Kanye West have been on the outs for 18 months. Drake thinks he got trolled by Kanye releasing new music just prior to the Scorpion album.