Jay-Z: Gave *Watch* Instructions for Special Event

Jay-Z just proved there really are “Levels” to this.

Hov flexed a little recently when he gave out Rolexes to some folks in his inner circle. The watches are expensive on their own, but there’s a deeper meaning to the timepiece. Jay sent the Rollies with the instructions to use them as a VIP pass to get into an upcoming event.

Now the question is; What’s the event? The Shawn Carter Foundation Gala, which takes place a week from Friday, seems like as good a guess as any.

When Meek received his watch, he posted a picture to Instagram Stories with the caption, “Hov sent these VIP passes. Shaking my head. This rich [stuff] is getting out of control.”

Hot Takes:

  • Remember when Jay and Kanye bought watches for his engineers while making Watch the Throne? Apparently the gift helped ensure the album wouldn’t be leaked.
  • Wouldn’t whatever money was spent on the Rolexes be better off going to…I don’t know, the actual Shawn Carter Foundation?
  • I’ll take a Rolex over a laminate or a wristband any day.
  • So he likes Audemars for himself, but Rolex for his friends.