WEIRD NEWS: Couple Loud Love Making Got Them Booted Off The Boat

A German couple says they got screwed by a cruise line after they were kicked off a ship for having very loud sex, and now they’re suing.

The couple was on a two-week Caribbean cruise, operated by TUI Cruises, and were clearly having a very good time. But on their very first night at sea, members of the ship’s crew paid a visit to their stateroom to let them know that their loud love-making was disturbing the captain, who requested they be removed from the ship.

They were ushered off the ship in Barbados and spent two days on the island before catching a flight back home to Frankfurt, Germany. They’re now suing the company for $15,000 in damages to cover the cost of their shortened vacation and emotional distress. (Yahoo)

Hot Takes:

  • Oh buoy! Now that’s what I call rockin’ the boat.
  • How loud could they have been that they were bothering the captain?
  • They were merely trying to seas the day.