SALT-N-PEPPER: New Series on Lifetime

What a cast, what a cast, what a mighty good cast…

Essence Magazine reports that producers of the new Salt-n-Pepa bio-pic series have found the women who will play the pioneering “Push It” duo. GG Townson will play Cheryl “Salt” Jones, while Laila Odom will portray Sandra “Pepa” DentonMonique Paul will appear as DJ Deidra “Spinderella” Roper.

Mario Van Peebles will direct, while both Salt and Pepa are executive producers on the series, which will air on Lifetime sometime next year. Queen Latifah is also a producer.

Hot Takes:

  • If this is half as good as the Wu-Tang Clan series, this will be one to watch.
  • Hopefully they get the rights to use the group’s music in the series. It’s always awkward when they make movies and then try to use soundalikes.
  • Those are some big shoes to fill.
  • I wonder if it’s easier or harder to play someone when they’re standing on set. On one hand, if the ladies have question, they can go ask the actual Salt-n-Pepa. But it’s also a lot of pressure to imitate someone when they’re watching your every move.