COLLEGE DEATH: San Diego State Suspended 14 Fraternities after Death of Freshman

San Diego State University has suspended all of its Interfraternity Council-affiliated organizations after the death of a freshman student at an event last week.

18-year-old Dylan Hernandez was taken to the hospital last Thursday morning after attending a Phi Gamma Delta event the night before. It’s unclear why he needed medical attention. He passed away Sunday night.

In the wake of his death, the university has suspended 14 fraternities indefinitely. Six had already been suspended and four others were under investigation for other violations. University President Adela de la Torre said, “Each of us, including our students, must uphold the highest standards that do not put the health and safety of anyone at risk.” (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • There has clearly been a problem with fraternities at San Diego State, so the university is doing the right thing.
  • Why should all fraternities be punished?
  • Frats will not be allowed to host any activities, but of course they will.