YK OSIRIS: Denies Attacking His Girlfriend and He Has a Witness

YK Osiris denies attacking his girlfriend and says he has witnesses who can back up his story.

Sources tell TMZ that no assault took place. A group of the rapper’s friends say they plan to come forward to try to prove his innocence. There’s also some sort of unspecified physical evidence showing he didn’t do it.

The woman told police YK started beating her after she confronted him over a picture on his phone of another woman.

The rapper spent nearly a week in an Atlanta jail before posting a $150,000 bond.

Hot Takes:

  • The police report said she had a mark under her eye from being bitten. So who did that, if it wasn’t YK?
  • Maybe they have some information that could help get him off, but unless they were within him and paying attention at all times, I don’t know how much weight their accounts will carry.
  • Why did they wait so long?
  • It’s a she-said, they-said.