KANYE WEST: Interviewing with Joel Osteen

Kanye West is going to church this Sunday.

After popping up at venues around the country for Sunday Service concerts over the past few weeks, Yeezy has a different faith-related activity planned. TMZ reports that Kanye will sit down with famous TV televangelist Joel Osteen for a chat. The two will talk for 20-30 minutes about Kanye’s recent decision to dedicate his life to Christ, in front of a crowd at the Lakewood megachurch in Houston.

Hot Takes:

  • Maybe Kanye is taking notes so he can open his own megachurch one day.
  • I’m kind of surprised it didn’t happen sooner.
  • I wonder what the folks that go to the church every week think about Kanye taking center stage.
  • I thought church was about going to worship Jesus, not Yeezus.
  • Handing a live mic to Kanye usually has some interesting results.
  • They’re gonna need a bigger church!
  • The church is a 16,000 seat arena where the Houston Rockets once played,