CARDI B: Says “I don’t want to end this year on bad terms”

Cardi B wants to leave the bad blood behind.

She recently posted a message to Instagram saying, “I don’t want to end this year on bad terms with anyone… Apologize to me.” In the caption she added, “I’m ready to forgive ya.”

While the message doesn’t appear to be directed at anyone in particular, fans are speculating this means she’d be open to burying the hatchet with Nicki Minaj.

Hot Takes:

  • How real is this peace offering? She’s asking the folks she feels have wronged her to be the first to apologize. What about taking accountability and being the bigger person?
  • There’s no use in holding onto old grudges and negativity.
  • “Be Careful” with Cardi.
  • Cardi’s matured beyond all the drama.