KANYE WEST: Perform a Sunday Service at a Prison

Kanye West has taken Sunday Service to music festivals, to church and even to prison.

Last week, Kanye went directly to jail to uplift the inmates through song. Yeezy put on not one but two shows with around 100 choir and band members, serving up a set for the male inmates and another for the ladies.

It went down in Harris County Jail in Houston, days before Yeezy’s performance at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood megachurch. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • In an interview on Sunday, Kanye said he plans to tackle prison reform in the near future.
  • Will Kanye work with his wife on the prison reform efforts?
  • Imagine being locked up and forced to watch Kanye perform. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Kanye has a million things he can do with his time. It’s meaningful that he chooses to spend some of it giving back.
  • He’s been doing a lot lately. He should pace himself so he doesn’t burn out and break down again.