WEST VIRGINIA: Father Marries Daughter After Killing Boyfriend

A Kentucky man admitted to marrying his daughter after they killed her boyfriend and buried him in a shallow grave in West Virginia.

55-year-old Larry Paul McClure told authorities that he and his daughters — 31-year-old Amanda McClure and 32-year-old Anna Marie Choudhry — murdered John McGuire, who was dating Amanda. He says they hit him over the head with a bottle of wine, tied him up and injected him with two vials of meth. Then they strangled him and threw him in a shallow grave. He also told police it was Amanda’s idea.

Following the gruesome murder, investigators say that McClure and his daughter then traveled to Virginia and got married. All three of them are facing first-degree murder charges. (The Bluefield Daily Telegraph)

Hot Takes:

  • The murder occurred last February, but McClure just confessed in a letter written to police.
  • Everything about this is sickening.
  • It’s unclear why they wanted the boyfriend dead.
  • McClure says he confessed because he doesn’t want the state of West Virginia to waste taxpayers money with a lengthy trial.