Teen Girl Plotted to Attack Church in Gainesville, Georgia

A 16-year-old white girl has been arrested after police learned of her plot to attack a mostly-black church in Gainesville, Georgia.

Authorities say the teen, who has not been identified, kept a notebook containing plans to murder parishioners at the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Police were tipped off to the plot by the girl’s classmates at Gainesville High School who had become aware of her plans.

The teen is being held at a juvenile detention center and is charged with criminal attempt to commit murder. (WSB-TV)

Hot Takes:

  • It’s believed the girl was inspired by Dylan Roof who killed nine worshipers at a South Carolina church four years ago.
  • Credit her classmates for recognizing there was a threat and telling the police.
  • All places of worship these days need need to tighten security.