KANYE WEST: Construction Has Stopped on the Amphitheater in Wyoming

Wyoming officials want Kanye to pump the brakes on construction at his Monster Lake Ranch.

The Park County Planning and Zoning Commission has voided Yeezy’s permit application for a 70,000-square-foot amphitheater to be used as a “meditation space.” The paperwork was tossed out when he changed the building’s purpose to “residential use.”

Kanye and his construction team seem to be going rogue. TMZ reports that construction workers were already hired and working, and continued to do so after a visit from county officials to the property.

Hot Takes:

  • He’s either confident he can work things out or just doesn’t care.
  • Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness after than permission. Especially if you think the person you’re asking will probably say no.
  • Kanye’s not used to having to deal with all of this red tape.
  • The question is, what are his true intentions for the new construction?
  • We’ve heard one of the concerns of county officials is whether the construction will negatively impact local wildlife and migration patterns.
  • If he’s trying to get this built before the year’s end as some sort of write-off, the clock is ticking.
  • Maybe Kanye needs to meditate on this whole thing a while longer.
  • How involved can he be in the construction process when he’s also working on an opera, a new album and everything else?