NAVY: Secretary Richard Spencer was Fired for Disagreeing with Trump

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was fired by Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday. Esper said he had lost “confidence” in Spencer after he disagreed with Donald Trump on how to handle a war crimes case involving a Navy SEAL.

Spencer had upset Trump by threatening to quit over the way the president handled the case of Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher.

Esper said in a statement on Sunday, “I wish Richard well,” but he added he was “deeply troubled by this conduct shown by a senior D.O.D. official.” (The New York Times)

Hot Takes:

  • Gallagher committed a war crime, but Trump feels that since it was against one of our enemies, he should be let off the hook.
  • The same people who are fighting for Gallagher and slamming Purple Heart recipient Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman for testifying in the impeachment hearings.
  • Trump may be commander in chief, but he has no real military experience. Perhaps he should leave such decisions to military personnel.