R. KELLY: Victim Speaks Out

R. Kelly’s girlfriend Joycelyn Savage is finally speaking on years of alleged abuse at the hands of the singer, who allegedly kept her as a sex slave.

She is opening up about her relationship with Kells online, sharing intimate details with the folks who financially support her through her Patreon account. She claims in 2016 she realized that she was “pregnant by this monster” and wound up getting an abortion, which was performed at his home.

Joycelyn also told subscribers about another time, where she accidentally called him “babe” instead of “Daddy” or “Master” and was choked until she blacked out as a result. She says he urinated on her “numerous times” and used her as a “punching bag.” She says his handlers monitored her constantly and that she witnessed the singer bring home other girls who Joycelyn describes as “just like me, and they were definitely younger than me.”

She says that Kelly lured her in when she was 17 years old after they met at a concert, promising to help make her into the next Aaliyah.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, argues that she’s just out for money.

Hot Takes:

  • So far, she’s made three posts on her account, which has around 1,700 paid subscribers.
  • Patrons pay between $3 and $25 per month for access to the content Joycelyn posts.
  • It definitely lines up with what we’ve heard from and about his previous victims. From the recruiting tactics, to her age when she first hooked up with him, to the controlling and creepy tactics he uses to try and keep his victims in line.
  • I wonder if she’s taking with her parents again now.
  • Do you think his other alleged “girlfriend”/sex slave, Azriel Clary, will speak out?