SHIPWRECK: 14,000 Sheep Capsized in the Black Sea

A Romanian cargo ship carrying more than 14,000 sheep capsized in the Black Sea yesterday (Sunday) and most of the animals are feared drowned.

The livestock transport ship was traveling to Saudi Arabia when it tipped over off the coast of Romania and sent 14,600 live sheep into the water. All crew members were saved, along with 32 sheep that were found swimming near the ship. The rest of the animals are trapped in the wreckage and feared dead.

It’s unknown what caused the the ship to capsize, and Romanian authorities are investigating. (BBC)

Hot Takes:

  • Romania is the EU’s biggest exporter of sheep.
  • The country has been criticized for transporting sheep on long, and sometimes inhumane, trips.
  • A similar accident involving a livestock ship occurred in 2017.