LIL WAYNE: Vowing to Never Fly to Saudi Arabia Again

Lil Wayne vows to never go to Saudi Arabia again.

Weezy put the city of Ad Driyah on his no-fly list after almost getting arrested for drug charges. He was overseas to perform at the Diriyah Music Festival, alongside Tyga and Future. On Sunday morning, he tweeted, “Never going to Riyadh again!!”

Fans in attendance claim that Weezy is mad because he wasn’t able to light up at the venue due to the country’s extremely strict drug laws. Multiple Saudi citizens tweeted back to Weezy to make it perfectly clear that drugs are not allowed in the country. The original tweet has since been deleted.

Hot Takes:

  • He should have asked Future’s guy DJ Esco about how seriously they take drug use in Saudi Arabia.
  • Wayne once swore off going to New York City after he got arrested back in 2007.
  • Maybe next time he needs to put “Diplomatic Immunity” on his concert rider.
  • Asking Wayne to perform in your country and not do drugs is like asking the Pope to visit and not to pray. Cut the guy some slack — Weezy’s gonna Weezy.