DAVE EAST: Harlem Rapper Cancel Show Due to Threats

Dave East was forced to bail on a gig In Boston over the holiday weekend after receiving death threats.

The Harlem rapper revealed on Instagram Stories that the owner of Icon Nightclub had received multiple anonymous phone calls threatening to shoot the rapper at a scheduled after-party. East wasn’t convinced the calls actually took place, laughing off the idea that a potential shooter would give the venue advance notice. East said, “I know one thing, if [someone is] gonna do that, he ain’t calling the club telling them. Sorry to whoever ate out to see me, and to the owner of Icon, you’re a bozo.” (XXL)

Hot Takes:

  • There have been too many scary situations at concerts, music festivals and other public spaces to take the chance. Better safe than sorry.
  • If the show went on as scheduled and a shooting happened, the venue owner would have been blamed.
  • He’s got a point.
  • So what does Dave think happened? The owner just made something up because he wanted an excuse to cancel?