REMY MA: Charges for Assault Case Has Been Dropped

A weight has just been lifted off of Remy Ma’s shoulders.

TMZ reports that a judge has dropped all charges in an assault case involving Rem and her Love and Hip-Hop: New York co-star Brittany Taylor.

Prosecutors failed to provide enough evidence that Rem punched Taylor backstage at a concert. Remy is thankful to put the legal drama behind her. After the hearing, she told paparazzi, “I wish they would have come to that conclusion before I had an ankle bracelet and lost months and months of wages and had an 8 o’clock curfew and before I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to my lawyer. But you know, it Is what it is. It’s over.”

Hot Takes:

  • Remy might be laying the groundwork for a civil suit against Taylor.
  • Knock Remy down nine times and she gets up 10.
  • She was facing two counts of assault and two different harassment charges.