CHRIS BROWN: Shows off His Artistic Talents

Chris Brown is a quadruple threat — singing, rapping, dancing and painting.

Breezy recently showed off proof of his artistic talents by posting a couple of unfinished murals on Instagram. In the flicks, you can see two large outdoor walls with vibrant, detailed works of art. One features a man with piercing blue eyes cracking his knuckles. The second one is kind of freaky, with a bald person covering his face his their hands, which have eyeballs painted all over them. Connected to one of the hands is a demonic, yellow figure baring its teeth.

Hot Takes:

  • His talent and creativity knows no bounds.
  • Why not wait until the art is finished to post it? Unless he’s one of those artists who never truly finishes tinkering.
  • I want to hate but I can’t. The guy is actually pretty good.
  • It’s not fair that some folks can do it all. Hey Breezy, just stay in your lane and give the rest of us a chance.