IMPEACHMENT: Report Released

The House Intelligence Committee’s report is out, and no surprise — it says President Trump should be impeached.

The 300-page document says that Trump solicited the help of a foreign government — Ukraine — “to harm the election prospects of a political rival.” The Democrat-led investigation concludes that the President withheld military aid to Ukraine unless it agreed to investigate the son of Joe Biden and his dealings in the country.

The report also accuses the White House of obstructing the investigation, noting that more than a dozen witnesses refused to testify and that the administration did not provide a single document the investigating committees had requested.

The Judicial Committee will vote tonight (Tuesday) whether to use the report in its hearing tomorrow. The administration has said it will not participate in the hearing, which will be the basis of an impeachment vote in the full House.

Hot Takes:

  • The reason this has such legs where Mueller didn’t is that it’s a real simple straight line. The Russia thing was convoluted and, frankly, incomprehensible.
  • Republicans continue to call this a sham, but it followed procedures put in place by a GOP-led House after Benghazi.
  • So let me get this straight: All the people willing to testify under oath are liars, and all the people unwilling to testify are telling the truth?
  • The president of Ukraine says there was no quid-pro-quo, and he got his aid. Where’s the crime?