BEYONCE: Is She Preparing for Residency in Las Vegas?

A rep for Beyoncé denied a weekend report that she is “”preparing to embark on a Las Vegas residency.”

The BeyHive went berserk with the news that Beyoncé would make an “official announcement in the first half of the year.” Her residency at the unnamed casino would “make Beyoncé the highest-paid entertainer in the city.” (Love B Scott)

The very next day, a rep shot down the BeyHive’s hopes, (quote) “It’s absolutely not true.” (Variety)

Hot Takes:

  • Somebody is getting coal in their stocking for starting this rumor.
  • Beyoncé could make a killing in Vegas. Every show easily a sell-out.
  • Take my money now. I will wait however long it takes for Beyoncé to announce her residency. But I want to reserve my seats today.
  • Much easier to have a residency and raise a family than try to tour with kids in tow.
  • Remember this rumor when Beyoncé makes an announcement in July 2020 about her residency – factually not the “first half of the year.”
  • This rumor may resurface around April Fool’s Day.