R. KELLY: New Allegation

R. Kelly has been hit with a new allegation from federal prosecutors, just in time for Christmas.

Complex obtained legal documents that show Kelly is accused of paying off a public official to get a fake ID for a woman identified as Jane Doe Number-One. The alleged bribery went down just one day before the disgraced singer is said to have married Aaliyah. This would explain how he was able to get married to someone who was a minor at the time. The falsified documents listed Aaliyah’s age as 18, when she was only 15.

On the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, Kelly’s former assistant admitted he helped the singer get papers forged for the fake ID.

Hot Takes:

  • The marriage wound up being annulled within a year, after Aaliyah’s parents took action.
  • It gets worse by the day.
  • All darkness eventually comes to light.
  • Do we need to hear any more at this point? Just 10 percent of what R. Kelly is accused of would be enough to get most people locked up for years.