IMPEACHMENT: Releases Full Report of Debate

The House Judiciary Committee has released its full impeachment report ahead of debate in the House this week.

The 668-page document lays out the Democrats’ case for removing President Trump from office. It’s divided into four parts:

  • Part one details the process by which the Democrats investigated the case.
  • Part two discusses the constitutional standards for impeachment.
  • Part three lays out the case that Trump committed an abuse of power for allegedly withholding military aid to Ukraine unless it investigated Joe Biden‘s son.
  • Part four outlines the case for obstruction of Congress, for what Democrats say was an attempt by the White House to stonewall the investigation.

Debate in the full House is expected to begin as early as Wednesday, and a vote will likely occur ahead of the holiday recess. Assuming the Democratic-controlled House votes to impeach, the Senate will take up a trial in the new year. (NBC News)

Hot Takes:

  • And now the real fun begins. You thought the committee hearings were contentious?
  • 668 pages? If nothing else, this whole thing justified a lot of staffer and lawyer salaries.
  • Oddly, this is almost the exact same time of year in 1998 when Clinton was impeached.
  • And after Trump is acquitted, it’s time to roll into the 2020 election.