KODAK BLACK: Gives Details Behind Prison Fight

Kodak Black has come forward with details about what happened before his fight with a prison guard at Miami’s Federal Detention Center.

Kodak posted to Instagram on Saturday, where he claimed that he was “laced with an unknown substance” which caused him to suffer “an out of body experience.” That’s not all, he says the effects were so bad he felt like was “possessed and dying slowly.” He tried to alert the correctional officer’s office but was denied.

Kodak wound up getting into an altercation with another inmate, at which point the same CO that denied the rapper medical attention pepper sprayed him in the face. At that point, Kodak says he doesn’t know who was hitting him or who he was hitting. Kodak says he was gasping for breath and begging the officers off, and calls the situation a “near-death experience.” He says he was beaten so bad he had to be taken to the box in a wheelchair, where they held him for 45 days without commissary or proper hygiene. He claims to be stressed out and on psych meds.

He also alleges that he heard the CO who says the rapper injured him checked himself into the hospital and bragged about how much money he plans to get in a lawsuit.

Hot Takes:

  • He’s trying to expose the corruption of guards and police officers from behind bars. It’s a noble idea but it might make it a lot harder for him while inside.
  • Kodak has around four years to go on his sentence, though his lawyer is looking to appeal that.
  • Free Kodak!
  • It’s hard to have much sympathy for a guy who has done some of the stuff Kodak has done.