Tekashi 6ix9ine: Will Learn His Fate in Sentencing Hearing

For Tekashi 6ix9ine, Wednesday is the moment of truth. That’s the day he’ll learn his fate in a sentencing hearing in New York.

Without “relief” — like a deal in exchange for cooperation — Tekashi would face a mandatory minimum of 37 years in prison. But prosecutors have not actually submitted a sentencing recommendation — and when that happens, judges almost always go with the recommendations of the defense attorneys and probation department. In this case, that would mean his roughly 12 months of time served.  (HipHopDX).

Hot Takes:

  • Can you imagine if Tekashi comes home in time for Christmas?
  • This lines up with what his girlfriend has been saying for months now.
  • Keep your head up, Tekashi.
  • Who knows what he was promised behind closed doors. But it’s pretty obvious Tekashi wouldn’t have been so cooperative if he didn’t expect to be rewarded for his efforts.
  • If he’s released this week, the question becomes if he’s truly safe on the streets, or if he needs to consider witness protection.
  • Prosecutors know that if Tekashi were to go away for a long time, they’d never get anyone else to cooperate.