JIM JONES: Comments on Nipsey’s “Legend” Status

Jim Jones has a mature take on the debate over whether Nipsey Hussle deserves legendary status.

Just a few days ago, Nipsey’s friend and bodyguard J Roc confronted Wack 100 over his comments about Nip. The Game’s manager has been outspoken that he doesn’t consider the late rapper a legend and thinks most people have been trying to hop on the bandwagon now that he’s died.

But Jim Jones says it’s not really for the “old heads” to decide. The Capo posted on Instagram, “’Pac died at 25. It wasn’t the old heads that made him a legend, it was the generation that was following him… I was one of them. He died in 1996. I was 19, so who are we to tell this generation who they make a legend? I see a lot of old heads getting in their feelings. LOL this is not our generation, it’s theirs, remember that.”

Hot Takes:

  • The Game has made a point to say Wack 100 doesn’t speak for him.
  • Even if it’s not up to Jim, he can still have an opinion on the matter.
  • It’s rare to see an artist with this kind of awareness.
  • Can we put an end to this debate now?