Pro-Impeachment Protesters Await for the Report

More than 600 protests were held across the country, in big cities and small towns, to celebrate Donald Trump‘s pending impeachment, as the House is expected to make it official, though it’s highly unlikely to get past the Senate.

Cold weather didn’t keep protesters away in New England, as they shouted “Dump Trump,” while in the warmer climate of southern Florida participants held signs that read “Impeach Putin‘s Puppet.”

Even in Kansas, a state dominated by Republicans, protesters yelled, “Country over party,” while in Texas, they took a more realistic view, noting that despite the House’s decision, the Republican-majority Senate will likely find Trump not guilty. (The Washington Post)

Hot Takes:

  • In New York’s Times Square, there was a crowd of protesters was estimated to be in the thousands.
  • Anti-Trumpers can list far more wrongdoing that the two articles of impeachment.
  • This is all a waste of time and nothing more than presidential harassment.