K. MICHELLE: Happy about Tekashi Receiving a Lesser Sentence

K. Michelle is one of the few public figures who is happy to see Tekashi 6ix9ine receive a reduced sentence.

The singer tweeted, “I don’t care, I’m happy 6ix9ine is getting out. That man is so entertaining and I like his music. [Hell] he didn’t snitch on me, and if somebody tried to kill me, I’m snitching too, and I’m snitching on you cheaters. Lol. Half of these rappers y’all like are not about that life. Big facts… I will press charges and send your ass right to jail and sleep like a baby. I’m a grown businessman — I’m not fighting you hoes for real and losing everything.”

Hot Takes:

  • He still has another year behind bars before he’s home.
  • T-Pain said something similar about how he’d probably snitch, too.
  • That’s at least one artist who might be willing to work with him when he comes home.
  • Free Tekashi!