LIL PUMP: Holiday Give-a-way

Lil Pump spread some holiday cheer in Los Angeles on Wednesday, when he gave out hot meals, cold drinks and warm clothes to people in need.

Pump showed up in the Skid Row area, where he doled out corn dogs, turkey dogs, cheese dogs, fries and lemonade — plus jackets, pants and socks for 600 people. The charity effort was co-sponsored by the My Friends House Foundation, Hot Dog on a Stick, and the founder of a “luxury celeb car company” called Wires Only. (TMZ)

Hot Takes:

  • Hearing about something like this just warms your heart.
  • Kind of an unusual choice of food to give out. But apparently Pump and his crew wanted to do something “non-traditional” so…mission accomplished?
  • Even if you don’t like his music, you’ve gotta admit it’s nice to see stars who have made it big pay it forward.