Jennifer Lopez is busy this holiday season. She’s focused on making plans for her fourth wedding.

J-Lo wants a Spring ceremony in the backyard of her Los Angeles mansion. A source said (quote) “They’ve explored so many options and were sold on the Hamptons for a while. Los Angeles makes more sense. It’s way more convenient for their celeb friends. They want to have a couple of hundred guests.”

Before they can exchange vows, J-Lo has business to finish. Her fiancé,  Alex Rodriguezshared rehearsal footage as J-Lo preps for the Super Bowl halftime show, in February in Miami.

The weekend after that, J-Lo could be sitting at the Academy Awards anxiously waiting to hear her name called for Best Supporting Actress. It could happen. She has a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Hustlers and is considered a favorite. The Academy Award nominations will be announced on January 13th. (Radar Online)

Hot Takes:

  • Most likely the wedding will happen between the Super Bowl and the start of Major League Baseball in March when Alex has to return to his TV baseball analyst gigs.
  • The Oscar voters will not judge Jennifer on the curve. She did just fine in Hustlers but the best acting of J-Lo’s career is hardly Hollywood’s best acting of the year.
  • J-Lo and A-Rod are an amazing couple; two superstars from different fields at different stages of their careers. Best of luck to them!