MARIAH CAREY: Sued by Former Nanny

Mariah Carey has the number-one song of the holiday season, but a former employee paints her more like Scrooge.

Maria Burgues, a onetime nanny for Mimi’s kids, filed suit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court. She charges intimidation by Carey’s bodyguard Marcio Moto, who during a drive to Las Vegas with the children, yelled at and threatened to leave her on the side of the road. She complained about it to her boss, but received no follow-up.

Burgues also says the bodyguard was video texting with his girlfriend while driving and nearly got into an accident. Moto also allowed one of the kids to walk out of a dance class unattended. But he turned the tables and caused the blame to be placed on her — leading to her firing.

The nanny isn’t the first former staffer to sue Carey. A former assistant to Mimi’s manager and an ex-housekeeper also have pending suits. (Variety)

Hot Takes:

  • Having a story like this surface on a holiday week is bound to cause maximum embarrassment.
  • Sounds like Mariah is not the best person to work for.
  • One disgruntled employee can be a hothead; when it becomes a pattern, one wonders.
  • Burgues says she made $25 an hour. Maybe she resents her millionaire ex-boss.