CAUGHT: Inmate Captured After 40 years on the Run

An inmate who escaped from a South Carolina prison 40 years ago is finally back behind bars after he was arrested last week in Delaware.

64-year-old Jose Romero was busted for public intoxication and trespassing. At the time of his arrest, he gave police a false name, but his fingerprints matched those of Romero who was convicted of armed robbery in 1979 and later escaped from the jail.

Romero will be extradited to South Carolina where he will be required to serve the rest of his initial sentence, which is about seven years. He will also likely receive additional time for the escape. (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • He must have thought he would never get caught.
  • If he had only stayed out of trouble, he would have never been caught.
  • Authorities say he was on a work detail on December 13th, 1979 when he somehow slipped out of the prison.