THE BACHELOR: First Impression Rose with Peter Weber

Last night on The BachelorPeter Weber handed Hannah Ann Sluss his “first impression” rose. She’s from Knoxville, Tennessee and signed with Wilhelmina Models.

History has proven that about half the first impression roses eventually reach the hometown dates. In other words, Hannah Ann is off to a fantastic start. The 23-year-old told the camera (quote) “When I have my eye on something like Peter, I’m going to go after it — And I did.”

Seemed quite obvious that Hannah captivated Peter. Three times she interrupted chit-chat and Peter never acted bothered. Pilot Pete told her before they kissed (quote) “I have a good feeling about this.”

The other Hannah – Bachelorette Hannah Brown – slipped into Peter’s season twice in the three-hour debut. He invited her to join the house, but we know she must decline because Hannah committed to Dancing With the Stars. (People)

Hot Takes:

  • Only the bold ones get the first impression rose.
  • How can you tell the women apart when it’s just a blizzard of white teeth, hair and eagerness.
  • These premiere shows are too crowded with introductions. I cannot get interested until the field is small enough to follow.
  • Hannah Brown took her shot last season and air balled with Jed Wyatt the cheater from Nashville.
  • Watching The Bachelorette is more enjoyable because they edit The Bachelor to make it appear the women are desperate or back-stabbing or emotionally unstable.