DABABY: Changing How He Move Online

DABABY: Changing How He Move Online

DaBaby is reconsidering how he moves on social media.

The Charlotte rapper tweeted on Tuesday morning, “I always preferred to say less because social media ain’t a place for the truth. But lately I been feeling like it’s my calling to say more. I don’t know how I wanna play it though, I respect my mind too much to allow myself to be identified as one of these Internet [MFers].” He also admitted that if social media weren’t so lucrative, he wouldn’t be on it at all. DaBaby thinks people cling to the Internet for a “false sense of security.”

A little later he clarified that just because he was saying “something with substance” doesn’t mean that he’s sad, like some folks apparently assumed. He suggests that people “just soak up the game for what it’s worth. [Hell] it may not be worth nothing at all.”

Hot Takes:

  • It’s up to him how he expresses himself.
  • There are plenty of artists who only use social media to promote things — not to engage or have a dialogue with fans.
  • He’a got a point. There are definitely people who feel emboldened to do things they wouldn’t do in real life when they’re behind a phone or a keyboard.