RAY J: Shows off His Baby Boy, Epik

RAY J: Shows off His Baby Boy, Epik

Congrats to Ray J and Princess Love on their baby boy, Epik.

The RayCon founder shared pictures of the new addition to the family on his Instagram account Tuesday. The reality TV couple has been struggling recently since she announced they were expecting back in October. First he got in trouble for getting friendly at the club with another lady while she was home pregnant. Things only got worse when she accused him of abandoning her and their daughter in Las Vegas after an argument, which led to lots of divorce talk.

It seems like they’ve managed to make things work, at least a little while longer. He was in the delivery room when she gave birth on New Year’s Eve.

Hot Takes:

  • That’s definitely a unique name.
  • Why do celebrities always give their kids the dumbest names?
  • Congrats to Ray J and Princess.
  • I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but if things weren’t working out before, what makes anyone think a baby will fix the relationship? Hate to say it, but it’s not a matter of if they split — it’s when.
  • I wonder if the little one will join the family business — reality TV.