RYAN SEACREST: Tumbles Backward in Chair

Ryan Seacrest embarrassed himself yesterday on Live with Kelly and Ryan. He tumbled backward out of his chair and splatted on the stage. Seacrest out!

Always willing to poke fun at himself, Ryan Instagrammed a clip from the TV show. He reached above his head with both hands to grab a gold balloon. As it floated just out of his reach, Ryan lost his balance, the chair tipped backward and flipped him onto the floor. For good measure, Live with Kelly and Ryan replayed the incident in slow-mo.

Kelly Ripa caught the fiasco from the corner of her eye while reading the teleprompter. She attempted to grab Ryan and save him from falling as she exclaimed, (quote) “Oh my God! Are you OK? Are you OK?”  (E! News)

Ryan recovered with the help of a stage hand. Then grabbed the balloon and yelled, “I got it!”

Hot Takes:

  • Kelly and Ryan sit at a tall table with high chairs. This was not a tiny tumble.
  • Clearly, Ryan does not have Weeble DNA. They wobble but they don’t fall down.
  • Visual proof of why Ryan went into radio and TV and not professional sports.
  • Kelly’s previous co-host former NFL player Michael Strahan would never have fumbled the balloon.
  • Next time, Ryan needs to wear a helmet to avoid going into concussion protocol.