DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: Sanders and Warren Dramatic Debate

DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: Sanders and Warren Dramatic Debate

The most dramatic exchange in Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Iowa centered around Senator Bernie Sanders alleged statement to Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2018 that he didn’t think a woman could be voted president. On Tuesday night, Sanders denied it and Warren held firm, but said she didn’t want to fight with Sanders.

When asked about the remark that surfaced in news reports Monday, Sanders said, “I didn’t say it.”

Warren responded that she “disagreed” with Sanders’s view about who could win and made a strong case that she and fellow female candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar, have a better track record in elections than their male counterparts.

Tuesday’s debate featured a slimmed down cast of only six candidates with former Vice President Joe Biden and ex-South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg joining Sanders and Warren as the prime contenders.

Along with Klobuchar and billionaire Tom Steyer, the six fielded questions about the conflict in Iran, healthcare, Donald Trump, trade and the climate crisis, among other issues. (Los Angeles Times)