LIL WAYNE: Unreleased Song Was Leaked

LIL WAYNE: Unreleased Song Was Leaked

An album’s worth of unreleased Lil Wayne songs just leaked.

12 tracks were uploaded to SoundCloud, titled with Chinese characters in a playlist called “Lost Grails.” The songs were apparently recorded in 2012 and 2013, between Tha Carter 4 and I Am Not a Human Being 2. The songs have names like “Kidnap Kupid,” “Road Lizard,” “Music to My Ears,” “Jungle” and “Class.” There are guest verses from Curren$yKidd Kidd and Mack Maine.

It’s unclear if Weezy ever planned to release these records, but if he did, it probably wasn’t like this — randomly, unmastered and in another language.

In official Lil Wayne music news, he tweeted out the video of his new ESPN spot, featuring a song called “Playoff.”

Hot Takes:

  • It could be worse. It could have been the Funeral album, which he plans to drop next month.
  • An unreleased Lil Wayne and Sean Kingston collab also leaked this week.
  • He needs to secure the vault.
  • If he recorded this back in 2012 and held onto it this long, he probably never planned to put this out. But why?
  • Weezy’s getting bags from ESPN and has probably recorded thousands of songs in his career. He’s not losing sleep over this one.