PRINCE HARRY: Returns to Meghan

PRINCE HARRY: Returns to Meghan

Prince Harry boarded a British Airways plane and jetted to Canada Monday night to start his new life with Meghan Markle away from his family.

The paparazzi waited for him on the Vancouver tarmac. Harry carried his luggage off the plane and hid under a wool cap. Two bodyguards followed closely. (Daily Mail)

Earlier in the day, Meghan Markle was photographed with eight-month-old Archie on her chest in a baby sling. Meghan was all smiles, enjoying her newfound freedom. Two bodyguards hovered nearby. She walked her two dogs, a black lab named “Oz” and a beagle she calls “Guy.” (Daily Mail)

In hindsight, the British tabloids realized the Royal family fissure would be permanent when in November Meghan transported the pets to Canada. On previous trips, they stayed back with the Palace pet sitters. (Daily Mail)

Hot Takes:

  • It’ll never happen, but we shouldn’t see a Meghan and Harry headline for a few months.
  • Let them live in a little peace. Allow them to plot their next steps in private.
  • Tabloids are still trying to ruin Meghan’s life. They identified her hiking trails in Vancouver’s Horth Hill Regional Park.
  • Also thanks to the tabloids, passengers now know to keep an eye out for Harry and Meghan on non-stop British Airways flights 85 and 84 between London and Vancouver.