WEIRD NEWS: Cat Burglar

WEIRD NEWS: Cat Burglar

Police in New Zealand have finally caught the persistent cat burglar who kept breaking into a family’s home and stealing fish food from next to the aquarium.

The family was away on vacation and having a friend come over to take care of their pet fish. Each day, the friend noticed that someone had come in and taken fish food — and nothing else. When the family returned home, they were frightened awake one night by a noise in the kitchen and assumed someone had gotten into their house. When they went to investigate, they didn’t find anyone, but noticed that the fish food was gone again.

So they set up a security camera to catch the intruder. They were shocked to see that the cat burglar was an actual cat that was sneaking into the house at night to steal the food. They’re now trying to get the feline’s owner to put a stop to it. (New Zealand Herald)

Hot Takes:

  • They’re lucky the cat didn’t get their fish, too.
  • The cat’s owner should reimburse them for the cost of the food.
  • Just let it go. It’s a funny story to tell people.